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“A Lawyer with Business Mind”

We are local Thai firm dealing with legal matters for corporate and individual clients, and providing best services within your budget for your competitive advantage. Outstandingly, our team is composed of international lawyers experienced with local and international transactions, specialized in advising on commercial transactions, incorporation process, shareholding structure, foreign investment, consumer protection, intellectual property, real estate, environmental issues, employment, including trade issues with respect to complex legal implications. We also provide legal services to several well-known international companies in South-East Asia, and coordinate with various international law firms around the globe.

Our goal


To assist you to smoothly run your business, in line with legal realm is the key to business success. Our philosophy, thus, is to provide advices that allows the client to achieve its goal while minimizing legal risk, and to establish strong relationships, developed by helping clients achieving their goals through understanding of their goals and requirements. With our strong determination, to support business success, we believe that our team could do our best to support your business operation paving the way for your success to be a leading company at local and international level.


Corporate and Commercial

  • Establishing Thai and foreign companies, branches offices, representative offices in Thailand, corporate tax and VAT registration, company bank account set up
  • Assisting with Foreign Investment in Thailand
  • Negotiating and preparing documentation of commercial matters e.g. shareholder structure, share option, share pledge, share purchase, corporate restructuring, corporate loan, joint ventures, merger and acquisition, distributorship, franchise, intellectual property
  • Coordinating with government officials from several organizations e.g. Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Labour, Land Department, The Revenue Department, Customs Department, BOI, Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand, Department of Intellectual Property, Royal Thai Police
  • Preparing applications for licenses or permits, especially industrial related license e.g. Foreign Business License, work permits, Factory License
  • Conducting due diligence on the target company
  • Advising on legal compliance according to attributes of each business to comply with Thai law and reduce the legal risk in terms of legal exposure
  • Drafting, reviewing, revising, negotiating and advising on all contract matters.


  • Preparing documentation related to employment and human resources e.g. employment agreements, handbook for employee, work rules, incentive compensation, HR policy
  • Applying work permits for foreign workers
  • Advising on legal compliance and compensation planning according to Thai law
  • Advising on legal issues regarding termination of employment as well as severance payment

Intellectual Property

  • Reviewing and advising on licensing agreements, trademarks, copyrights, patent, trade secrets, business transactions and technology licensing in terms of intellectual property protection
  • Advising on intellectual property enforcement, including searching for infringement and intellectual property exploitation
  • Filing applications in relation to intellectual property rights
  • Coordinating with government officials e.g. Department of Intellectual Property and Royal Thai Police 

Real Estate & Land Use

  • Reviewing and advising on real estate and land use specific to different business segment
  • Advising on acquisition of property and disposal of property, including property development
  • Advising on title deed ownership matters, environmental related matters, general planning and construction-related regulation and compliance
  • Preparing documentation for obtaining and maintaining construction, environmental and other property-related permits

Ampere Legal Consultancy Ltd.

98 Sathorn Square Tower, Floor 37
Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500
Tel : (668)-0-90-961-5092, + (662)-105-6387
Email : Info@amperelegal.com
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